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INSTANTLY turn your meals into a treat!

Annie’s Gourmet Syrup is more than just any other syrup because we ONLY use  the real food to flavor ours! We do mean the real food, there is nothing fake about our

Jalapeno Honey, Lemon, Mint, Pineapple,

and Vanilla Bean syrup.

We intend that you do a little dance as you're devouring your fare that is enriched by our smooth, delectable, mmmmm producing, lip smacking syrup that runs down and trickles into every nook and cranny as you go after every ooze with fervor to not miss a drizzle. Your mouth will thank you!

Annie's Gourmet Syrup
100% satisfaction,
or you get a FULL refund!

Elisha, NY

"It was so good, I found myself licking the lid! I love the Lemon and Jalapeño flavors. The syrup was delicious on pancakes and waffles... waiting for an opportunity to use it as a chicken maranade.

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