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Frequently Asked Questions

How are your syrups made?

We do not use brick boilers, like the days of old, but we use the same techniques in a modern commercial kitchen utilizing our multi-step filtering process to infuse the flavors into the cane sugar.

Are your syrups artificially flavored?

We use the REAL food to flavor our syrups. We thought it was very important NOT to use artificial flavorings, colorings or additives. It is recommended to refrigerate after opening to preserve freshness.

Are the syrups just for pancakes?

Our syrups are for pancakes, waffles, French toast, biscuits, hot tea, smoothies, yogurt, granola, marinades, bar-b-que sauce flavoring, pound cake, angel food cake, oatmeal, ice cream, iced coffee, lemonade & MORE!

What if I am not satisfied?

We make every effort to ensure that our syrups are made consistent in small batches to maintain quality, but, for any reason you are not satisfied we will issue you a 100% guaranteed full refund.

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